Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finding out about water pollution

The world's oceans and rivers have never been under more pressure from pollution. This handy list of information sources points you to books, articles, and websites that tell you what the problems are, how they're caused, and how we can attempt to solve them. There are thousands of web pages about pollution and this is not a complete list. But it'll give you a good start in finding out about most of the issues involved.
Have you read this Introduction to water pollution page? If not, you might like to start there.
Want to know about air pollution? Try our companion page on Finding out about air pollution.
Looking for pictures? We have a whole page of pollution photos.
Last updated: April 16, 2009. Contents: What you can find on this pageCool stuff for schools! Water pollution activities for kidsGovernment agencies and international organizations Institutions, campaign groups, NGOs, etc. Sewage and wastewater Beaches Endocrine disruption Toxic chemicals and pesticides Introduced (non-native) organisms Farming, fertilization, nutrient addition, harmful algal blooms Oil pollution and slicks Decommissioning of oil platforms and structures Radioactive waste Debris and dumping Atmospheric deposition (ocean pollution caused by air pollution) Indoor air pollution caused by water pollutionDrinking water qualityMeasuring water qualityLaws and conventions BooksSources of information ArticlesUS and world news articles from MSNBC news

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