Saturday, November 7, 2009

Water Pollution and Air Pollution

Water Pollution is another serious concern facing all of us. An estimated 14 billion pounds of garbage and sewage are being dumped into the various waterways of the world. Further, an additional 19 trillion gallons of waste are also being dumped in the water.
This staggering extent of water pollution is very serious because water can and does transport pollution from one location to another. There is growing industrialization all over the world and the world's population is also growing rapidly. There are now millions of people who live near rivers, along coastlines and various waterways. Obviously, these are the sources of heavy water pollution. In addition, industries also have been fairly irresponsible in their attitudes, till recently dumping all chemical wastes into nearby waters, with not many of them worrying about the consequences of doing so.
Water Pollution can cause problems at a basic level by killing all life that lives in water-basedecosystems. In fact, news stories of dead birds, fish, dolphins and even whales and turtles have become commonplace - all killed by deadly pollutants in the water that they inhabit. The more scary consequences of water pollution are how pollutants consumed by these animals can be carried onwards to humans who can suffer from various diseases like hepatitis.
The Air We Breathe
Air pollution refers to all the dangerous contaminants that are found in the air. Air pollution can be caused both naturally and by man but in the last few years of massive industrialization and development, human activity is what has caused the most damage. And leading this are the huge power plants and massive number of automobiles, all guzzling and burning away fossil fuel. It is estimated that these two cause about 90% of air pollution in the United States.
Air Pollution can have serious effects on our health. Especially infants, children and older people are more vulnerable to air borne diseases, which can be induced by the contaminants in the air.
Pollutants like nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide have harmful effects on entire ecosystems, by killing plants and trees as also other wildlife.
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